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I've had the pleasure of reading some of his stories and enjoyed them very much. 

Hi, Charlene and thank you for having me on your blog today. I appreciate the opportunity to talk about Mixed Grazing: A Collection of Short Stories that I’ve just released.  I’m pleased to say it sports a cover created by you!

I’ve entitled it “Mixed Grazing” for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, as about half the stories are western or horse-related; and secondly, because I’ve included stories from other genres like suspense and fantasy.  I read multiple genres and can’t help writing in them as well!  So, as mixed grazing a pasture with different species like horses, cattle, or goats, etc., can maintain a better pasture, I’m hoping these samplings from different categories of stories can provide readers with an interesting “graze” of my work.

There are eight stories, and here is a little about each one:

Blue Sky and Gray Smoke
As Union soldier George battles for his life against a young Confederate, he realizes they’re the only ones left alive. He's got to make new decisions – and stay alive to see them through.

The Crossing
Rick Barton plans to take his loot and his reluctant woman north to Canada and a new life. So far, he's outrun the posse. Can he outrun his own choices?

The Tracker
Young Will tracks his father's killer until he has him in his sights. Retribution, his father had preached, an eye for an eye. Now, Will would have it.

Detective Tom Mallory must stop a madman who dismembered his brother to prevent another death. But will Mallory have to sacrifice himself to do it?

The Churchyard Incident
Freddie fights to save his best friend from the evil disguised as the new kid in town.

The Camas Fairy
A mature Dale returns to his boyhood sanctuary in nature to do the unthinkable - only to meet his childhood friend - a very real fairy.

Stable Hands, Stable Hearts
Set to win his first Hi-Point trophy at the year’s final horse show, 17-year-old Scott spots the girl of his dreams. Can he win both her and the trophy?

The Decision
Jen has devoted the greater part of her life to her beloved horse, Phoenix. As age overtakes him, must she make that most final of decisions?

These stories all have been published before, but some are hard to find elsewhere. After a number of requests by readers to provide a single volume containing all of them, I happily obliged.  I hope everyone will find stories they enjoy in this collection!

Mixed Grazing is available now in e-book from Amazon and most other e-book retailers for only 99 cents US. A paperback version will follow shortly from Amazon and Barnes & Noble for $5.99 US.

A couple of spots to purchase Mixed Grazing and find more of Chad’s books:


About Chad:

A Canadian writer, Chad has been around horses most of his life, riding western on rugged trails and in small amateur horse shows.  He grew up reading fiction and non-fiction of all sorts, from westerns to fantasies, from classics to history. His writing has followed suit across multiple genres, and his work has appeared in U.S. and Canadian periodicals.

Chad has had the privilege of living in different parts of Canada: from Victoria on the west coast, to the Manitoba prairies, to southern Ontario. He is fascinated by the similarities and the differences between each region, its people and the natural environments, and likes to incorporate these elements into his writing wherever possible.

His first novel, High Stakes, is a compelling tale with the grit of a western and the allure of a romance, set in Victoria, BC.  High Stakes made the finals for two distinct awards:  the Western Fictioneers Peacemaker Award for Best First Western Novel, as well as in the RONE Awards, for Best American Historical.

If you’d like to connect with Chad, he’d love to hear from you!  Please drop by at:



  1. Glad to see you here, Chad. Great book.

  2. Thank you, Char. I really appreciate you having me here. Glad you enjoyed Mixed Grazing!