Friday, August 18, 2017


I just discovered this author and wanted to share her with you. Her book is called Revenge, The Cowboy Way.

When Brian Thornton is taken by surprise at gunpoint, while in the bed of a beautiful, wealthy woman, he swears his revenge.  But when he learns his humiliation was at the hands of a young woman and a boy, his vengeance knows no bounds.

Joanna Simmons finds herself snatched out of her home and taken to Thornton's ship.  Against her will, she travels to Texas, and then by wagon train to Bastrop, Brian's home town.  Joanna finds acceptance and genuine friendship with the people of the town, down to Brian's sister, but the emotional war that wages between Brian and Joanna, keeps any kind of happiness at bay.

Revenge, the Cowboy Way, is the story of hate, love and revenge.  The question is whose revenge is it?


Brian took a long drag off of his cigarette before flicking it in the fire. “You have quite a decision to make, Jo.” He got up and spread out his bedroll, then took hers and put it on top of his as a cover. “Before you start taking pot shots at me, you might think about what you’ll do out here by yourself.” He undid his holster and laid it down, then slowly shucked his pants and climbed between the two bedrolls. He stretched, putting his hands behind him to cradle his head, and shut his eyes.

“You said there were no Indians this far south.” She was fuming at his relaxed demeanor. He wasn’t showing any kind of fear at all.

He didn’t move. “Do you think Indians are the only danger out here? There are men out here who would sell their souls to come across a woman like you, all alone and unprotected.”

She could feel her hopes floating away, like the smoke from the fire disappearing up into the night sky. She threw the derringer at him. “I really hate you.” Joanna sniffed. She took off her shoes and then the pants Andy had given her and climbed into their bedroll, turning her back to him.

He took the gun and lobbed it next to his. “I want you to keep the derringer. Keep it on you at all times.” He gathered her tightly against his chest, and, to her surprise, that was all he did.



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Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Here is a great new western by Frank Kelso and John O'Melveny Woods.

 Lawmen won’t … The Cavalry can’t … 2 Civil War veterans wade the Rio Bravo to find a stolen girl!
In a Union POW camp, Jeb & Zach dreamed of California Gold, but the road West leads Jeb to his sis's home in Texas

Jeb & Zach dreamed of California Gold, but the road West leads Jeb to his sis's home in Texas.
Jeb & Zach are God-fearing, hard-working, honest southern boys--if you don’t count stealing Gen. Sherman’s horse.
A border war raged on the Rio Bravo near Eagle Pass TX! Cattle rustled! Ranches burnt! Innocents killed or kidnapped!
Confronting 2 Cortina men in a saloon turns ugly … Jeb is wounded … one Cortina man escapes to alert Cortina.
A young widow tends Jeb in healing after the Doc sews him. Jeb and Zach take a shine to the bold and sassy lady.
“Aww, man. After all the time we been together, are we gonna fight over a woman” … “No fight needed,” Jeb said. “She’s gonna decide, then get us think it was our idea.” … “She always does,” Zach replied.
Jeb & Zach trick Cortina to rescue Rebecca but Cortina cross the Rio Bravo to take Eagle Pass hostage!
Either Jeb & Zach surrender to him or he burns the town!
Will they ever get to California?


     Zach pushed his hat back on his head. “You get a gander at what’s parading along the road?”
    “It’s hard to miss that barrel-chested sergeant wearing all them stripes—six of ’em,” Jeb said.
    The Sergeant Major reined in at the boarding house. The clean-shaven, portly man wore the perpetual sun-ravaged red face of a northlander. A fringe of faded red hair peeked from beneath a flat-topped, duck-billed, blue forage cap. The big man dismounted with ease, tying his horse to the hitch-post before he stepped through the gate leading to the porch.
    “I’ll be Battalion Sergeant Major Timothy O’Rourke, at yer service,” he said. “The Commanding Officer at Fort Duncan requests your attendance, forthwith.” The tall man’s tenor voice carried an Irish lilt.
    “That’s a right nice invite, Sarge, but we ain’t in your Army,” Zach said.
    “How do you know it’s us your commander wants?” Jeb asked.
    “I believe me captain’s exact words were, ‘Find the two knuckleheads what created the shootout with Miguel’s bandoleros. Haul their Rebel asses before me.’” O’Rourke surveyed them top to bottom. “And a fine species of Rebel knuckleheads ye are.”
    Zach stood but reached two inches short of the six-striped Yank. “It took Sherman himself with two companies of cavalry the last time the Yankees captured us. It don’t look like you got enough men, Sarge.”
    “Aye, ’tis true enough, if fighting tis what I wanted. I’m told, hard as it is to believe, ye two once held a sergeant’s rank in the Texas cavalry.”
    Jeb nodded. “What of it? We ain’t in the ranks anymore.”
    “I’ll be wagering ye a glass of Irish whiskey with a cool beer chaser that at one time or another, one of your officers ordered ye to do some damn fool thing. Ye saluted him, saying, ‘Yes, sir. Right away, sir,’ did ye not now?” O’Rourke tilted his head aside, grinning.
    Zach and Jeb glanced at one another, each wearing a wrinkled smirk.
    “Tis as one sergeant to another I’m asking. Come along like good lads. Listen to me Captain. Nod politely and say, ‘Yes, sir’ when he’s done before he sends ye on yer way.”
    “You saying we’re free to ride home after your Captain’s sermon?” Jeb asked.
    “Aye. We’ve no papers on civilians.” O’Rourke’s red Irish face held no guile.
    “We planned an exercise ride this morning, so we’ll ride with you to visit the Fort,” Jeb said. He glanced at Zach. “Are the horses saddled?”
    Zach nodded. “I’ll bring them around.”

The Authors:
Frank Kelso

Frank grew up around Kansas City, Missouri, the origin of the Santa Fe Trail. Historic sites, monuments, and statues abound highlighting the journey west, including the Wagons West, Pioneer Woman, and the Indian Scout located on the bluffs overlooking the wide Missouri. Writing Western themed books fit with his upbringing. A biomedical research scientist in his day job, Frank writes short stories and novels to keep family traditions alive.

John O'Melveny Woods

John has written television and movie scripts, on-line articles, and books since attending the USC School of Cinematic Arts. He is CEO of Intellect Publishing, LLC, a boutique book publisher providing both print and e-books. His books include, 10-Minute Win, Return to Treasure Island, a sequel based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic, Treasure Island, Jesse James’ Secret, The Lost Tomb of Alexander–A Seekers Novel, and The Crusaders, a memoir of growing up in the Southern California hippy/surfer culture in the 1960s-70s.